Bad taste in design

I remember my first day as a designer and what I was inspired to do.


I was instructed to make a banner, which, as planned, will be placed in the shopping complex at eye level. A little worried, he began to recall various examples and the first thing that occurred to him is advertising in the elevator. As a result, the design of the banner had to be altered by another.
Reflecting on what happened, I understand that no one has shown me an alternative before, no one has said what a good design looks like, but how bad it looks. Therefore, I consider it important: before you say that the customer has a bad taste, try to find out why he likes those or other examples that he sends you. Maybe the whole thing is only in color or in clear navigation on the site. When the details become clear, show the customer similar, but modern visual solutions that can be applied to the task. Remember that the customer does not view the winners of popular contests daily (Awwwards, CssDesignAwards and others) every day, he already has a lot of work in which he is a professional. The ability to distinguish good design solutions from bad ones is your task.

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